linotp.config.middleware module

Pylons middleware initialization

linotp.config.middleware.make_app(global_conf, full_stack=True, static_files=True, **app_conf)[source]

Create a Pylons WSGI application and return it

The inherited configuration for this application. Normally from the [DEFAULT] section of the Paste ini file.
Whether this application provides a full WSGI stack (by default, meaning it handles its own exceptions and errors). Disable full_stack when this application is “managed” by another WSGI middleware.
Whether this application serves its own static files; disable when another web server is responsible for serving them.
The application’s local configuration. Normally specified in the [app:<name>] section of the Paste ini file (where <name> defaults to main).
linotp.config.middleware.tempinput(*args, **kwds)[source]

Create a temporary file containing data. Uses contextmanager to make sure that the file is deleted after use. :param data: Contents of temporary file :return: Filename of temporary file