linotp.controllers package

Module contents

This is the controller module. The controllers provide the Web API to communicate with LinOTP. You can use the following controllers:

linotp.controllers.admin API to manage the tokens
linotp.controllers.audit to search the audit trail
linotp.controllers.auth to do authentication tests
linotp.controllers.error to display errors
linotp.controllers.gettoken to retrieve OTP values
linotp.controllers.helpdesk management operations on behalf of users
linotp.controllers.maintenance for internal maintenance purposes
linotp.controllers.manage the Web UI
linotp.controllers.monitoring for system monitoring
linotp.controllers.openid the openid interface
linotp.controllers.ocra Ocra token API
linotp.controllers.selfservice the selfservice UI
linotp.controllers.system to configure the system
linotp.controllers.testing for testing purposes to access various tools
linotp.controllers.u2f U2F token API
linotp.controllers.userservice user API, used by selfservice frontend
linotp.controllers.validate for authenticating / OTP checking