The security provider is a dynamic handler for security relevant tasks like random, crypt, decrypt, sign


Bases: object

the security provider is the singleton in the server who provides the security modules to run security relevant methods

  • read the hsm configurations
  • set up a pool of hsm modules
  • bind a hsm to one session
  • free the hsm from session after usage

the thread id is used as session identifier

createHSMPool(hsm_id=None, *args, **kw)[source]

setup a pool of security providers

dropSecurityModule(hsm_id=None, sessionId=None)[source]
getSecurityModule(hsm_id=None, sessionId=None)[source]
Parameters:names – list of config entries by modulename

return the specified security module

Parameters:id (String or None) – identifier for the security module (from the configuration)
Returns:None or the created object
Return type:security module

load the security modules configuration

setupModule(hsm_id, config=None)[source]

setupModule is called during runtime to define the config parameters like password or connection strings[source]