linotp.tokens.yubicotoken module

This file contains the Yubico token class

exception linotp.tokens.yubicotoken.YubicoApikeyException

Bases: Exception

class linotp.tokens.yubicotoken.YubicoTokenClass(aToken)

Bases: TokenClass

The Yubico Cloud token forwards an authentication request to the Yubico Cloud service.

checkOtp(anOtpVal, counter, window, options=None)

Here we contact the Yubico Cloud server to validate the OtpVal.

classmethod getClassInfo(key=None, ret='all')

getClassInfo - returns a subtree of the token definition

  • key (string) – subsection identifier

  • ret (user defined) – default return value, if nothing is found


subsection if key exists or user defined

Return type:


classmethod getClassPrefix()
classmethod getClassType()
resync(otp1, otp2, options=None)

resync of yubico tokens - not supported!!