linotp.websetup module

Setup the LinOTP application - the is called for the creating the initial data and configuration

linotp.websetup.setup_app(command, conf, param)[source]

setup_app is the hook, which is called, when the application is created

  • command
    • not used -
  • conf – the application configuration
  • vars
    • not used -

  • nothing -

linotp.websetup.upgrade_databases(local_conf, global_conf)[source]

the database migration is managed by using alembic

see the alembic.ini file for configuration options remark the database urls in the alembic.ini will be replaced with the ones of your linotp.ini

if the writeback of the alembic.ini should not be done, this could be specified in the linotp.ini by the option

alembic.writeback = False
  • local_conf – the linotp section of the linotp configuration
  • global_conf – the whole linotp configuration