6.2. Running LinOTP with Oracle on RedHat

This describes how to setup LinOTP with a connection to an Oracle database on a RedHat system. On other distributions this may vary.

6.2.1. Overview

You need to install the following packages:

  • Oracle client (out of the scope of this document)

  • cx_Oracle python module

  • LinOTP

Therefore you need to change the following config files:

  • /etc/linotp2/linotp.ini

6.2.2. Installation Install cx_Oracle python module

Change to your virtualenv and install cx_Oracle 1 to your virtualenv:

pip install cx_Oracle

You can also download and install cx_Oracle from http://cx-oracle.sourceforge.net/ for your given Python version. Install LinOTP

Starting with version 2.4.3-4 LinOTP runs nicely with Oracle. So install the latest LinOTP package:

pip install --upgrade /path/to/package/LinOTP-2.4.3-4.tar.gz

6.2.3. Configuration LinOTP

Adapt the config file /etc/linotp2/linotp.ini:

sqlalchemy.url = oracle://user:pass@host:port/dbname Create the database tables

The database tables are created in the usual way:

paster setup-app /etc/linotp2/linotp.ini