linotp.provider.pushprovider.default_push_provider module

  • implementation of the KeyIdentity PushProvider
class linotp.provider.pushprovider.default_push_provider.DefaultPushProvider[source]

Bases: linotp.provider.pushprovider.IPushProvider

Send a push notification to the default push notification proxy (PNP).

static get_proxy_definition(proxy_url=None)[source]

Loads the configuration for this push notification provider

Parameters:configDict – A dictionary that contains all configuration entries you defined (e.g. in the linotp.ini file)
the push provider target url or a list of those,
the client_certificate
server verification certificate
“proxy”: ‘
the proxy url
the http timeout value


push_notification(challenge, gda, transactionId)[source]

Sends out the push notification message.

  • challenge – The push notification message / challenge
  • gda – the gda - global device identifier
  • transactionId – The push notification transaction reference

A tuple of success and result message


main here - for the interactive test :-)