linotp.provider.pushprovider package

Module contents

  • interface of the PushProvider
class linotp.provider.pushprovider.IPushProvider[source]

Bases: object

An abstract class that has to be implemented by ever e-mail provider class

static getConfigMapping()[source]

for dynamic, adaptive config entries we provide the abilty to have dedicated config entries

entries should look like: {

key: (ConfigName, ConfigType)



Loads the configuration for this push notification provider

Parameters:configDict – A dictionary that contains all configuration entries you defined (e.g. in the linotp.ini file)
provider_type = 'push'
push_notification(challenge, gda, transactionId)[source]

Sends out the push notification message.

  • challenge – The push notification message / challenge
  • gda – alternative to the token_info, the gda could be provided directly
  • transactionId – The push notification transaction reference

A tuple of success and result message