On July 30th we released LinOTP to the repositories.


LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH is introducing LinOTP, the latest patch release of its vendor independent solution for adaptive multi-factor and 2-factor authentication.


LinOTP is available as a Debian and RPM (Red Hat/CentOS) packages from Ubuntu packages are available from our PPA on Launchpad. It can also be obtained via the Python Package Index (PyPI). Users of the LSE LinOTP Smart Virtual Appliance will receive LinOTP via the integrated update mechanism.

The LSE team would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about LinOTP and assist upgrading your environment to the latest release at

The LSE LinOTP team

LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH
Robert-Koch-Stra├če 9, 64331 Weiterstadt

Sales Hotline: +49 6151 86086-277, Fax: -299
Board of Directors: Nils Manegold, Oliver Michel, Arved Graf von Stackelberg, Sven Walther



  • Server: Fix pin handling in email token