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Benowa, Queensland, Australia/ Weiterstadt, Germany 2014-05-21

LSE LinOTP - a vendor-independent product for two-factor authentication and one-time password methods (OTP) - will be made available by LSE, Leading Security Experts GmbH, as an open source solution with all current features included.

At the annual AusCERT Information Security Conference in Australia, and in conjunction with a Red Hat tutorial about the internal deployment of LSE LinOTP Enterprise Edition, LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH (LSE) [], a member of the MAX21 Group (MAX21 Management- und Beteiligungen AG) [MA1,], will announce the expansion of its open source strategy.

The currently-separate community edition [] and commercially-marketed enterprise edition [] will be merged. LSE will provide LinOTP free of charge as an open source software solution licensed under the AGPLv3 and GPLv2. The complete feature set will be available for download when LinOTP 2.7 is released in the second half of May 2014.

Quoting Sven Walther, CEO and CTO of LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH, "With this step we open the source of a professionally-maintained and scalable product for enterprise-grade sign-in security. Through such licensing and marketing, we expect LinOTP to advance the distribution to the most frequently installed sign-in security solution for two-factor authentication and OTP methods worldwide. We see a global demand for LinOTP. The solution is highly flexible and scalable. LinOTP appeals to a wide range of users and is suited for nearly every enterprise - be it TAN generation for online banking, high-availability deployment in enterprise environments with many dependent users, or secure one-time password sign-in at smaller companies, to name just a few popular use cases."

LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH will complement the LinOTP software solution with matching LinOTP support and subscription services as well as professional service offerings. These will include extended levels of quality assurance for updates and patches, the availability of LSE LinOTP Smart Virtual Appliance as a fully-integrated turn-key solution, prioritized hotfixes by our development team, and advisory services on top of the usual standard support and consulting services.

With this recent open source offering, customers now have the option to pick the solution that best suits their usage scenario. This encompasses both deployments that are fully-featured yet completely free-of-charge, as well as business-critical deployments with all their requirements on support and quality-assurance processes, including a firm commitment by LSE to the continuous development of its solution. To enable this, LSE will further expand its technical and human resources in this area.

About LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH

LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH is the leading vendor of secure connection technologies centered around vendor independent logon security and identity management and specialises in information and IT security for companies. To LSE’s core competences, the development of security products, count in addition to others the provision of consulting-services concerning logon security, vulnerability analysis & penetration tests, encryption technology, storage and virtualization security also IT-Risk-Management.

LSE belongs to the MAX21 Group.

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