On May 07th we released LinOTP to the repositories.

LinOTP 2.10.5

KeyIdentity GmbH is pleased to announce the availability of the following product release:

LinOTP brings many improvements, new features, fixes and bugfixes. The following list contains the most important changes. Please also refer to the complete changelog at the end of this newsletter.


  • New Feature: Prevent dirty cache when resolver is not avialable.
  • New Feature: Resolver and realm cache is wiped when the cache is switched off.

Both improve the resolution of user information from the LDAP resolver. The use of negative information by the failure is avoided. Details can be found here


LinOTP is available as Debian and RPM packages from Ubuntu packages are available from our PPA on Launchpad. Users of the KeyIdentity LinOTP Smart Virtual Appliance will receive LinOTP via the integrated auto-update mechanism.

We are happy to assist our support customers in upgrading their environment to the latest release. Please contact us at

The KeyIdentity LinOTP team

KeyIdentity GmbH
Robert-Koch-Stra├če 9, 64331 Weiterstadt

Sales Hotline: +49 6151 86086-277, Fax: -299
Registered Office: Weiterstadt, Amtsgericht Darmstadt: HRB8649
Board of Directors: Nils Manegold

Changelog LinOTP

Server changes:
  • Server: Prevent dirty cache if resolver is not avialable
  • Server: Resolver and realm cache is wiped when the cache is switched off