LinOTP documentation


By using LinOTP you decided to use a flexible, modern authentication system.

Congratulations on your choice!

LinOTP is a solution for authenticating with one time passwords. The runtime components of KeyIdentity LinOTP are available as source code, which gives you the possibility, to make your own adaption or to conduct code reviews on the software. KeyIdentity LinOTP is originally based on GNU/Linux but as it is written in Python, it might also run on other operating systems.

KeyIdentity LinOTP is lean and very gentle on resources. It is scalable from small installations up to world-spanning, redundant enterprise installations.

This manual is divided into 5 main parts.

  1. The LinOTP Management Guide describes the management of users, realms and tokens.
  2. The LinOTP Installation Guide explains how to install LinOTP on different operating systems.
  3. The Selfservice Portal shows the administrator how users are allowed to manage their own tokens.
  4. The LinOTP Appliance Manual deals with the LinOTP Appliance. No matter if you are using the hardware appliance or the virtual appliance, here you can find how to set up and configure the appliance.
  5. If you plan to adapt or extend LinOTP you can develop your own modules. How to do this is described in LinOTP Development Guide.

Getting Support

KeyIdentity GmbH provides Enterprise Support for LinOTP.

Refer to for the available support options.

The LinOTP logo and the LinOTP Manuals and documentation, “LinOTP Management Guide”, “LinOTP Installation Guide”, “LinOTP User Guide”, “LinOTP Appliance Manual”, “LinOTP Module Development Guide” and “API documentation” are intellectual property and under the copyright of KeyIdentity GmbH and can not be used without permission.

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